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Starting August 1st, we’ll be accepting submissions for the Pentel Creative Challenge. Respond to the prompt, “Show us how you Go Green”, with an inspired visual creation using the tools/medium of your choice. Share your work (and tag someone you challenge to Go Green) and as a ‘thanks for being you’, you will be entered for a chance to win Pentel products daily or one of four weekly sweepstakes to win a Pentel backpack stuffed with products.

Looking for some inspiration? Head to our Instagram to see and learn about various makers, visionaries, artists and creators who have taken the challenge themselves through their craft: https://www.instagram.com/pentelofamerica/

(You will retain ownership to all content that you submit and to all works contained in it – learn more).
Submissions close on August 31, 2021

*(Limit one sweepstake entry per submission)