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The Breakdown

Let’s paint the world with color by joining our creative forces to encourage others to be proud of their differences. It’s what makes us special, it’s what makes us artists. Now is the time to be bold and standout! By sharing a piece that is uniquely you, you can be the difference in someone else’s outlook on the world. Let’s make a warm and welcoming place for all people to feel safe showing up as their true self. We’re inviting you to submit your work to this month’s Pentel Challenge “Show Your True Colors” Edition. Participants will make unique pieces that show what makes them different and standout in the creator community! Tag your friends and encourage others to join the true color movement.

Each participant who completes a submission will be entered for a chance to win Pentel products daily or one of twelve weekly sweepstakes to win a Pentel backpack stuffed with goodies*
*(Limit one sweepstake entry per submission)

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